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ACTION ALERT! Contact the Bayfield County Board Today! 

On January 7th, 2016 Farms Not Factories sent out an Action Alert Newsletter!

It begins as follows:

Dear Friend of Farms Not Factories, 

Thank you for signing up for the FNF newsletter.  Your time, support, and actions are critical for efforts to protect Lake Superior and our community and are greatly appreciated.  
We are writing now to urge concerned citizens to contact the Bayfield County Board of Supervisors before January 26th.  It is critical that board members hear a wide range of perspectives from both Bayfield County constituents and non-Bayfield county residents so that they appreciate the breadth and depth of support for stringent regulations to protect Lake Superior and concerned communities.

The proposed Badgerwood CAFO remains a threat to the health and welfare of the area. Existing CAFO regulations do not provide adequate protection and are not well enforced by the DNR.  Further, Bayfield County is required by state law to allow a CAFO applicant to locate (site) within the county, so it is not possible to simply “say no to the CAFO.”  

Therefore, Bayfield County is considering an operations ordinance as a means of regulating potential adverse impacts to the community including risks to public health, safety, pollution, and nuisances (see link to Executive Summary below).  In a nutshell, the purpose of the ordinance is to ensure that the CAFO owner bears all of the operational costs of the facility and does not pass them onto citizens. (Note: the ordinance applies to CAFOs with 1000 or more animal units and will not impact any existing farms in Bayfield County). 
Please call or write to your Bayfield County Supervisor to express your concerns regarding the CAFO and your support for stringent standards such as those provided in the operations ordinance.  

If you are not a Bayfield County resident, please contact Dennis Pocernich, Bayfield County Supervisor Chairman (addresses provided in 3rd link, below). 

To read the rest of the Action Alert please click here.