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Bayfield Chamber Gives Farms Not Factories a 2015 Good Neighbor Award


At their 2015 Annual Meeting, the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce awarded Farms Not Factories a 2015 Good Neighbor Award for our work to keep Lake Superior clean and free from 10 million gallons of Iowan hog manure!

We live in a remarkable place, full of equally remarkable people.

Farms not Factories was also recognized for the work they do to protect Lake Superior. The organization is dedicated to strengthening our rural region by actively engaging with the local and state government, by encouraging the communities and local leaders to balance economic growth with stewardship for natural resources and by supporting local farmers and businesses who are ecologically sound, economically viable and socially responsible. Farms Not Factories believes that the key to protecting the land, water, air and way of life of northern Wisconsin rests in the hands of the people who call northern Wisconsin home.
— Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau Press Release, 11/13/2015