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Jim Zorn — Town of Eileen Wisconsin Resident

Jim Zorn lives a 1/2 mile away from the proposed Badgerwood CAFO and its 26,000 hogs in the Town of Eileen. He's concerned about how those Iowan hogs will impact his quality of life and the ability to enjoy his home. 

Based on the evidence generated by social science research, we conclude that public concern about the detrimental community impacts of industrialized farming is warranted. In brief, this conclusion rests on five decades of government and academic concern with this topic, a concern that has not abetted but that has grown more intense in recent years, as the social and environmental problems associated with large animal confinement operations [CAFOs] have become widely recognized. It rests on the consistency of five decades of social science research which has found detrimental effects of industrialized farming on many indicators of community quality of life, particularly those involving the social fabric of communities. And it rests on the new round of risks posed by industrialized farming to Heartland agriculture, communities, the environment, and regional development as a whole.
— A 2006 report commissioned by the North Dakota Attorney General (which reviewed 56 socioeconomic studies regarding CAFOs impacts on rural communities)

Jim has every right to breathe clean air, drink clean water and continue to enjoy the quality of life he's come to expect in northern Wisconsin. And it's not fair or reasonable for Dale Reicks, a hog CAFO owner from Iowa, to ask Jim to sacrifice his rights for Reicks bottom line.

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