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Mike Wiggins on Home, Heritage, Food, and Politics

Mike Wiggins, Jr., former chairman of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe Tribe, is a life-long resident of northern Wisconsin. He speaks eloquently about the importance of protecting and conserving our environment so it will continue to provide for future generations.

The proposed Badgerwood CAFO is sited in the Fish Creek Watershed and the 10 million gallons of manure produced yearly by 26,000 hogs will be land-spread or injected into farm fields in the Fish Creek Watershed, less than 8 miles from Lake Superior.

"The Kakagon and Bad River Sloughs wetland complex represent everything our Tribal People hold dear and sacred on many different levels. Spiritually, the ‘place’ and everything it has, the clean water, the winged, the seasons, the rice and fish, connects us with our ancestors and the Creator. The Sloughs sustain the physical well-being of our community with foods such as wild rice, fish, cranberries, waterfowl, venison, and medicines. From an Anishinabe (Chippewa) world-view perspective, the wetlands ecosystem is a tangible representation of our values of caring for the environment. The international Ramsar recognition is an honor for the Bad River Band and maybe even more importantly, the recognition sends a message about the importance and critical need for biologically productive and water rich areas such as the Kakagon and Bad River Sloughs wetland complex. There is water purification, ecological harmony, and people who are interwoven into this ‘place’ where the Bad River Reservation dovetails with Lake Superior.” ~ Mike Wiggins, Jr. 

Read about the Kakagon Sloughs, a RAMSAR Wetland of Importance. 

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