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Jeff Bodin and the Fisheries of Lake Superior

Jeff Bodin is a fourth generation fisherman and runs Bodin's Fisheries, a family-owned fish house  in Bayfield, Wisconsin. He's concerned about the impact the proposed Badgerwood CAFO, with its 26,000 hogs and 10 million gallons of manure (produced annually), will have the fisheries of Lake Superior. 

The proposed Badgerwood CAFO is sited in the Fish Creek Watershed and the 10 million gallons of manure produced yearly by 26,000 hogs will be land-spread or injected into farm fields in the Fish Creek Watershed, less than 8 miles from Lake Superior. 

The Wisconsin DNR estimated that the Fish Creek watershed accounted for 20 percent of Lake Superior’s self-sustaining, migratory fisheries and spawned 47,000 one-year-old migratory trout and young-of-the year Coho salmon in the 1990s.

The Badgerwood CAFO and the farm fields that will receive its manure is upstream from this sensitive and important fish spawning and nursery grounds and, given the self-reporting/self-regulating nature of the CAFO industry, is extremely vulnerable to the water pollution that often accompanies industrial agriculture. 

Read Fish Creek Watershed Management and Restoration 2011 for more information. 

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