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Deb Lewis and the City of Ashland's Drinking Water

Deb Lewis is the Mayor of Ashland, Wisconsin and she's deeply concerned about the impact the proposed Badgerwood CAFO's 26,000 hogs and 10 million gallons of manure will have on the drinking water of Ashland's 8,130 citizens.  

The proposed Badgerwood CAFO is sited in the Fish Creek Watershed and the 10 million gallons of manure produced yearly by 26,000 hogs will be land-spread or injected into farm fields in the Fish Creek Watershed, less than 8 miles from Lake Superior. The threat to Ashland's drinking water from agricultural run-off can not be overstated because they get their drinking water from the Chequamegon Bay in Lake Superior. 

Mayor Lewis is right to be concerned; her constituents drinking water is at risk due to the expansion of factory farms into the Lake Superior Basin.  

Please read Ashland's Source Water Assessment for more information.  

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