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FDA Report Shows Antibiotic Use in Livestock is Sky High & Growing

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Newly released FDA data on antibiotics in agriculture show that use is on the RISE. NRDC's Avinash Kar parses out the details and why swift policy action is needed.

The latest numbers on sales of antibiotics for use in meat and poultry production show we need government action to end the overuse and misuse of the drugs in livestock.

New 2014 sales data released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today reveals that sales of medically important antibiotics for use in livestock have increased a whopping 23% between 2009 and 2014, with a 3% increase from 2013. And an overwhelming 96% of these sales were for use in animal feed and water—which is generally done for the purpose of growth promotion or disease prevention in animals that are not sick.

This is troubling when livestock sales already represent about 70% of sales of medically important antibiotics in the United States. Overuse of antibiotics in the agricultural industry helps increase the prevalence of drug-resistant superbugs. Two million Americans suffer from drug-resistant illnesses every year, and more than 23,000 die as a result.
— Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog

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