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Wisconsin Farmer’s Union Believes in More Farms

Picture from MorningAgClips article (link below)

Picture from MorningAgClips article (link below)

"CAFOs are a lot like the Titanic. The technology is flashy and full speed ahead when seas are calm. But when obstacles emerge (as they always do), CAFO’s aren’t very responsive. In California, many large dairy farms have gone out of business, in large part due to low milk prices and high input costs. When a big ship goes down, it goes down hard, and takes a lot of people with it. Research by the UW Applied Agricultural Economics Department showed that smaller scale Wisconsin farms did much better in the 2009 price tough, for example, because they could raise their own feed and provide labor from their family. Wisconsin should not pursue the California model of large-scale, highly indebted CAFOs."

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