Factory "Farm" Stories

And On This Farm- A Film About CAFOs, 80,000 Hogs & Missouri Farmers

Scott Dye, Socially Responsible Agriculture Project, and Dr John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics at the University of Missouri, are featured in this 1995 documentary produced by John Hanson, a filmmaker from Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Not much has changed since this documentary was made, except Smithfield Pork, which purchased Premium Standard Farms, is now owned by Shuanghui International, China’s largest meat company. The 72 hog confinement buildings are still full of 80,000 hogs and those 80,000 hogs are still producing 180 million gallons of hog manure a year. And Scott still owns his family farm, next door to all those hogs. 

If you think this can't happen in Bayfield County, think again.