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World Water Day Call-In Event

World Water Day is an annual event celebrated on March 22. The day focuses attention on the importance of fresh water and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Wisconsin's citizens are uniting to protect and care for Wisconsin's water resources by actively engaging with elected officials across all levels of government. 


What better day to hit our elected officials with hundreds of phone calls regarding water concerns right here in Wisconsin than on World Water Day!

We've made a list .... checked it twice.  It's time to find out who was naughty or nice!

Linked below is a list of our WI Legislators ranked in order using information from the League of Conservation Voters Scorecard regarding voting history on conservation and water issues.  We have placed those with the WORST track records at the top of the list!  These should be your first calls on World Water Day to let them know you are watching and that you expect better representation on our water issues.

2017 Legislator Rankings on Water Issues

Also linked below are pre-written talking scripts with step by step directions for those who are not quite sure how to get started or what to say.  We have made it as easy as possible for folks to engaged in the process and to take the first steps to being a Wisconsin Water Advocate.  

Tips for Calling Elected Officials

Pre-Written Phone Scripts

Together we can all make a difference.  Our Legislators need to hear over and over again that Water Knows No Boundaries and they need to listen to ALL Wisconsin citizens when voting on water issues and legislation.

Plan now with your local organizations and grassroots group to join the hundreds across the state who have committed to participate in the World Water Day Statewide Call-In Event! Make sure your area and your concerns are heard by all!