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Bob Watson and Air Quality Issues in Iowa

  • Washburn Public Library 307 Washington Avenue Washburn, WI, 54891 United States (map)

Bob Watson, from Decorah Iowa, is traveling to Bayfield County to make a presentation about air quality issues posed by hog CAFOs to the Large Scale Livestock Study Committee on Thursday 9/24. Farms Not Factories is sponsoring an evening meeting on Wednesday for you folks who can't make the Thursday meeting! 

Bob will describe what Iowa is like for those people who are in proximity to confinements, what happens to the environment and human health as a result of confinement waste and gasses, and he'll describe what our future will be if this confinement complex goes forward.

Bob put together the 460 study packet for board's of health to educate the public about these dangers. The 460 study packet, which includes the Jillian Fry Johns Hopkins study (a seminal paper on air quality issues), provides a glimpse into our future and shows the gap between "known public health threats" from industrial ag and what is being done to protect the public from those threats.

The 460 study packet contains 177 of the 192 studies on hydrogen-sulfide and ammonia that were included in Bob's 2012 EPA lawsuit. These studies were not disputed by the Washington DC Federal District Court. The lawsuit asks that the EPA put hydrogen-sulfide and ammonia on the regulated list (only on toxic list now), and asks that confinements be designated stationary sources of those gasses.

Bob's additional confinement information and studies can be seen at appendix E.